My Diabetes Secret

A safe place to share your diabetes secrets. No judgement. No shame. Merely catharsis through honesty.

My Diabetes Secret

"I’m 14y and I had been bullied for four years before I got diabetes T1 and then celiacs. I moved schools but was bullied there for 3 more years. I’m into second level education now and have friends. I had been self harming earlier this year until it was discovered. I think I have mild depression and I often contemplate cutting or wanting to kill myself. I’m scared that I will never be normal or even mentally well ever again."

"I’ve been dating this guy for 5 months and everything is going well, I’ve been very open about my T1 diabetes and he’s been great about informing himself. After a long day of constants highs and raging lows, I hold him that my biggest fear in life is going to sleep and not waking up. He responded with “That’s why I’m here”. He’s definitely a keeper."

"Just because I’m overweight and have Type 2 Diabetes does not mean I chose to have a non-curable disease. I’m tired of being told it’s my fault. When both of my grandmothers, both of my parents and four of their five children (including one who’s skin and bones and has been a vegan for 36 years) have diabetes I’m pretty sure that heredity has something to do with this damn disease too."

"September 9th, 2011. I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed. I am lucky, I have a wonderful man who has been there for me the entire time and who was, for a long time, the main reason I was able to stay with the diet, the shots (I am phobic of needles) and everything else. I am eternally grateful to him, and to my other friends who treat me like a normal person, not just my disease. As much as I wish I never had this complication to my life, it’s a part of me now."


The last time I hung out with a friend, I got offered a cupcake from someone that they work with. I responded politely with, ‘no, thank you,’ and they asked, ‘are you sure?’. It didn’t bother me that she had asked again, she didn’t know I had diabetes, it was fine. But it was the fact that in the little time between her asking and me responding a second time, my friend blurted out, “She has diabetes and left her insulin at home.”

Shouldn’t that be something I share? Maybe I didn’t want that information shared with everyone around me? Why do friends of diabetics seem to think they have the right to tell everyone around you that you have diabetes? It’s not your disease, it’s mine. Please don’t go around acting like you have any right.


"I get highs and lows and feel like shit, or sometimes I inject in a bad spot and just have to scream “Fuck” because it hurts so much, but I don’t spend time wishing this disease would go away or that I could live without it for a day. It’s just so ingrained in me that it’s a non-issue. Anytime I see another diabetic who is struggling, my first thought isn’t help, it’s judgement, and I’m super embarrassed by that. I don’t even know whether I could give other people any comfort if I tried."

"I am sick. sick of the thought of having a shorter life than others. I am sick of having holes in my finger tips. I am a “middle of the road” diabetic, I am only on metformin for now, they diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes but I am not fat (they also said i have symptoms of a type 1), I am not obese and I am sick of Type 2 Diabetes being labeled as a “fat persons disease”. I hated myself to the point where I wouldn’t eat and I would mutilate myself with razors. I am sick of constantly catching colds and tonsillitis. I am sick of my friends thinking its fun to throw their chocolate at me and yell “stay back!”. I am exhausted of being sick."

"I worry about complications everyday. I’m terrified that one day I might lose a foot, my sight or even worse because of this damn disease, and there’s nothing I can do expect TRYING to prevent it. It sucks."

"I don’t like when non-diabetics make assumptions about me or my disease, almost always because they don’t have it and therefore don’t know what I go through, and therefore, I would like to emphasize that T1 and T2 are not the same. If you have T1, making statements about a T2’s struggle is just as bad as a non-diabetic making those comments. If you have T2, making statements about a T1’s struggle is just as bad as a non-diabetic making those comments. If you have either, making statements about someone with neither/both/other is just as bad as a non-diabetic making statements about them. Just because your pancreas is broken does not give you carte blanche to rank and judge the struggles of other people with broken pancreases, especially if they are broken or affected in a different way. Thank you."

"I’m so sick of this “fight” between T1 and T2. Honestly, everyone’s life kinda sucks Everyone has their issues. Everyone’s experiences are different. T1s need to not say t2s have it easier. T2s need to get over it if one T1 says something because a) that’s one person and b) T2s are 90% of the population, so a hurt T1’s - who’s jealous or something - opinion shouldn’t matter to you. Honestly, there’s no point to being mean to somebody, especially somebody who you should be supporting, because they’re going through similar, awful crap. We shouldn’t care about T1 and T2. We’re all diabetics. TOGETHER. Please, stop with the hate posts. It’s getting really old, really fast."